Share a wonderful Lunch on the might Zambezi River

Lunch Cruise Victoria Falls

Lunch Cruise Victoria FallsWhat makes the lunch cruise more fascinating than any other is having your meal in the company of crocodiles, hippos, elephants and of course various species of birds. Chances are that you will also see these animals having their meal. Isn’t that something worth experiencing? Like all of our other cruises, you cruise on the Zambezi River downstream towards the Falls down to Palm Island before turning around and cruising back upstream.


General Information

  • Duration is 2 hours, from 12:00 to 14:00pm.
  • 3 course meal served.
  • Selection of local beers and drinks provided.
  • Menu consists of starters, main course and desserts.These are some of the items that we usually serve:
    : rolls, green salads and coleslaw salad.
    Main Course
    : Either beef/steak, game stew, Roasted chicken, Rice & Mixed vegetables (we also cater for vegetarians)
    : Ice cream or fruit salad.