Crocodile Farm Tour Victoria Falls

The Nile crocodile is a species that is found abundantly in the Zambezi River and around Victoria Falls. These fascinating, dangerous and pre-historic creatures are shrouded in African myth and legend, and also one of the most deadly predators on the African continent. Learn more about them by joining us on a tour to the local Crocodile Farm, one of many activities in Victoria Falls that you can choose from. A visit to the crocodile affords you the opportunity to view these amazing creatures up close and to understand a bit more about their nature and role in the ecosystem of the Zambezi.

The crocodile farm, about 5 Kilometres from the centre of town, is situated along a natural creek shaded by indigenous trees, which keeps the temperature cool. Here, not only can you can view hundreds of crocodiles but you can also see a number of other African wildlife, including lion.

If you are staying at Victoria Falls accommodation, in a nearby hotel or guest house, you may hear these might kings of the jungle roaring in the early evening and at dawn, sending a shiver of awe down your spine.

It is worth taking note of feeding times as it affords you the opportunity to see these large and powerful crocodiles leaping out of the waters to snap at huge chunks of meat. Here you can also buy curios for your loved ones at home, including good quality leather and items made from crocodile skin.