Bungee Jump Victoria Falls

Located on the Victoria Falls Bridge, you will get to experience 111 meters of sheer adrenalin, as you plummet towards the mighty Zambezi. This is without a DOUBT one of the most spectacular jumps in the world!

Four seconds of free fall, of speeds up to 120km/hr. The 107 year “Grand ol’ Dame” Bridge is suspended between 2 countries and the only place in the world that you get to jump in “no-man’s land.”

Is there more than one type of Bungee Jump?

  • Yes. If you are a first timer we suggest that you dive head first, bound at the ankles.  This is the most common jump position and most natural feeling because it feels like diving into a swimming pool, except it’s the mighty Zambezi River racing down the Batoka Gorge 111 meters below the bridge!
  • If you are looking for a bigger kick, speak to the jump master and ask if you qualify for one of the following jump options:
  • Ankle tied back flip; Elevator; Running star – not for first timers.