Bridge Swing Victoria Falls

The Bridge Swing offers you an opportunity for an amazing BIG AIR EXPERIENCE and sheer adrenalin in front of Victoria Falls. This is without a doubt one of the most spectacular swings in the world! The 107 year “Grand ol’ Dame” Bridge is suspended between 2 countries and the only place in the world that you get to swing in no-man’s land. Just walk off the edge of the platform.

The swing is done using two 65 meter static line climbing rope attached to a 10 ton safe working load cable by a steel clamp. A 1m-bungi cord is positioned on the clamp to provide the swinger with a smoother ride and more comfortable swing.

Swingers remain in a seated position throughout the recovery and can enjoy the view of both the Falls and the bridge. The swinger is recovered to the winch platform and then walks out in the same manner as the bungee jumpers and come out on the Zambian side of the bridge (still in no-man’s land!)